What-Cha Darjeeling Second Flush Goomtee Oolong

What-Cha Darjeeling Second Flush Goomtee Oolong
Origin: Darjeeling

So I decided to try What-Cha’s Darjeeling Second Flush 2014 Goomtee Oolong after trying What-Cha’s Silver Oolong from Nepal. I still have a couple Indian teas that I’ve been meaning to try, but I decided to try this first since I haven’t had many Indian oolongs and I am always willing to try new things, even if it is from a region I have a sordid relationship with.

Dry Leaves: It doesn’t look very oolong-y, but I am not that familiar with Indian oolongs. There was a muscatel aroma that I enjoyed; I tend to prefer second flush and later Indian greens because of the muscatel aromas/tastes.

First Steeping
Temperature: 194oF
Brewing Time: Three Minutes
Aroma: Floral and Orange
Flavor: Violet, Citrus and Spice
Tasting Notes: It reminds me a little of the Nepal Silver Oolong, but much rougher. It has floral and orange notes, but it is much darker and has a lovely spice taste. I was not expecting much from this because I am not really all that into Indian teas, but this was quite nice.

There was a muscatel element to this, but not strong enough which is not unexpected since this is a second flush Indian tea. In case you didn’t realize because of my horrible photography I had a little problem with steam today, I don’t know why steam decided to ruin (well ruin implies my photography had any intrinsic value beforehand and we all know my skill as a photographer is piss poor at best) them.

Second Steeping
Temperature: 194oF
Brewing Time: Three and a half Minutes
Aroma: Floral and Orange 
Flavor: Violet, Orange, Pepper and Woodsy
Tasting Notes: There is a new woodsy taste to it and the spice from the last infusion became distinctly peppery. This was my favorite of the three infusions. I am starting to warm up to the idea of Indian teas. I rather enjoy the Peppery and Woodsy tastes mingling while the Violet and Orange are rather sharp.

Otherwise the tea has reached its strongest point from here on it starts to wane.

Third Steeping
Temperature: 194oF
Brewing Time: Four Minutes
Aroma: Floral and Orange
Flavor: Orange, Pepper and Woodsy
Tasting Notes:  There still is some life left in these leaves, but this was my final steeping. It started to become to watery for me.

I rather enjoyed this, even though I am not known for my love of Indian teas this was rather nice. It is a little surprising I tend to dislike Darjeeling teas, but this may be the exception; regardless I may have to not judge Indian teas as harshly, at least Indian oolongs. And at the time of writing this it is on sale $10.80 for 50g (original price $13.50), I think it is worth checking out at either the sale price or the normal price and if Alistair sources the 2015 harvest from this estate I’ll have to check it out.


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