Two Dragon Wells from Teavivre

I’ve been going through some of my older teas and trying to make room for new ones and discovered two nearly empty canisters of Dragonwell from Teavivre that I remember enjoying. So in the interest of making room for new teas I decided the only logical thing to do is to revisit them.

Normally when I am sampling new teas I have a short gongfu session, since I already tried these before I am going to forgo that and go straight into western brewing. For my first infusion I brewed at 185 for four minutes. Immediately I tasted a buttery vegetal flavor, somewhere between spinach and kale, a very dark leafy flavor. There were slight orchid undertones to it, I imagine if I didn’t brew the tea for so long this orchid taste would not be masked by the vegetal taste as much. The aroma was quite pleasant, a little bit grassy and a little floral.

For my second infusion I brewed at 195 for six minutes. This time the buttery taste was not as strong and mellowed out, and it was still vegetal, but considerably sweeter than the last infusion. The aroma was grassy rather than floral this time. While I could brew the leaves a third time even though every infusion feels like it is sapping everything from the leaves.

I am in love with this long jing since I can just keep rebrewing more and more; this is a very generous tea and certainly can be an everyday type of tea.

For my first infusion I brewed at 185℉ for four minutes. This time the tea was very creamy, a little artichoke, a strong nutty overtone and a pleasant unami aspect. The aroma was very grassy, but not overpowering the nutty scent. I was quite fond of this infusion while not as sweet as the Premium Dragonwell, it felt more balanced.

For my next infusion I brewed at 195℉ for six minutes. This time the flavor was nuttier than anything else, although I could still taste the artichoke in it, but it was not as pronounced. The aroma was even lovelier then the last; this time it smelled more like roasted chestnuts then a general nutty smell.

I have enjoyed both long jings, but I am fonder of the Premium version than the Organic Superfine version, even though the Organic felt more balanced, the Premium had some nice contrasting flavors. It was floral yet grassy, and lingered more so then the Organic. While I do enjoy the Organic Superfine Dragonwell, it felt more like a palate cleanser, especially since it stayed nutty. 


Just a guy who likes tea.