Verdant Tea Club - Bai Mu Dan

The Bai Mu Dan was quite interesting for a white tea, as I said before I am not overly fond of white teas, my comfort zone is greens to greener oolongs. Nevertheless this is a very visually beautiful tea and it brews quite nicely as well. For my gongfu session with this tea I began at 175°F for thirty seconds and in subsequent infusions I added two degrees every other infusion and fifteen seconds. This tea stayed creamy till about the eleventh infusion and there was a surprising peppery note. While this tea has a strong floral aroma it was rather subtle, I couldn’t identify the scent till the end, it was eucalyptus. I always fond Verdant’s notes on their teas to be slightly exaggerated, but I was quite surprised to find it was fairly accurate.
I did brew this at 175°F for two minutes and found that I enjoyed it more (which could be because I don’t have a strong enough palate for white teas). The Bai Mu Dan had a creamier taste because of the longer brew as well as slight lime after taste that I didn’t get before. As for the aroma, it was quite sweeter and more pronounced then before and there was a dry hay scent.
I rather enjoyed this tea, perhaps because some of the leaves look closer to green tea leaves then a white, but I found this to be incredibly balanced and I could not overbrew it.


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