Chaidim's Pure Organic Lemongrass Tea & Pure Organic Ginger Tea

Today I tried the last of my teas from Chaidim. Okay they are not really teas, but actually are tisanes, Chaidim's Pure Organic Lemongrass & Pure Organic Ginger Tea. I decided to begin in an appropriately named teapot with the Pure Organic Lemongrass. I never had loose leaf lemongrass before, but the tisane certainly looks interesting!

The dried lemongrass looks a bit like dried bacon, celery and wood shavings, but it had a surprisingly strong lemongrass smell. It was stronger than fresh lemongrass, so I was excited.

I used boiling water and let the tisane steep for ten minutes, I know traditionally one would let it steep longer, but I was getting impatient as the aroma started to fill the room.

I found that it brews up quite nicely. If I was going to make it again I’d probably let it steep for around twenty minutes. Overall I was really surprised with this, it tasted very similar to a Tom Yum Goong, but from my understanding most Thai broths use the softer inner stalks and the tougher outer layers are used to make tea. Regardless I found this very delicious and it had a slight spicy edge to it and a sinus clearing aroma.

Next I decided to tackle the Pure Organic Ginger, now I’ve had ginger tea before, but I have always used the outer skin before and saved the delicious insides for cooking or use ginger pellets, but Chaidim’s uses whole slices. 

The dried ginger looks similar to dehydrated apple, but it has a very spicy ginger smell. It had an aroma that was like dried ginger powder mixed with fresh ginger. 

I used boiling water and let it steep for twenty minutes. While it was not as spicy as I expected, it was had a very nice ginger taste, it tasted more like fresh ginger then dried ginger powder.

If I was going to brew this again I would probably add a little brown sugar to the teapot to get a little caramel note to it, although it was perfectly palatable without any sweetener.

I was really surprised by how much I liked both these tisanes. When I have some extra money, I definitely plan on trying Chaidim’s Pure Organic Butterfly Pea tisane, as well as a couple of his oolongs (maybe the Organic Autumn Ding Dong, Organic GABARON and Red Dragon Oolong). 


Just a guy who likes tea.