What-Cha's Iced Zi Juan

So I decided to use yesterday's Zi Juan from What-Cha to make iced tea, because I felt the leaves had more to give. While yesterday this was very smokey for a green tea, today not so much. I can still taste a little smokiness in this, but in my experience smokiness does not come out well in iced tea. The major flavor note in this is honey. While yesterday I felt the hot brewed Zi Juan was a little tangy, today it has a lot of honey in it, and it is ever so slightly floral.

What-Cha's Zi Juan is quite refreshing iced, while I prefer iced green tea to be either crisp and distinctly vegetal, this cold brews amazing. In my opinion the mark of a good iced tea is that it has a completely different flavor profile then when brewed hot.


Just a guy who likes tea.