Midweek Milky Matcha - Beautiful Taiwan Tea Matcha Powdered Green Tea from NanTou

I was lucky enough to be one of the few who purchased Beautiful Taiwan Tea’s r/Tea exclusive super deal, where I paid $15 for:

1)      A 2 oz. bag of Twisted Green Tea from Sanxia.
2)      A 2 oz. bag of Misty Mountain High Mountain Oolong also from Shanlinxi.
3)      A 2 oz. bag of BaoZhong Green Oolong from Pinling.
4)      A small sample of Winter 2014 Shanlinxi Premium

The owner also included a small sample of his Matcha PowderedGreen Tea from NanTou, which is what I’ll be looking at today. I was a little off put by the yellowish green color, but this tastes very similar to a Japanese powdered Sencha and you can tell it wasn’t dyed like some powdered teas are. I am a little curious to know more of the cultivar that produced this tea, it tastes so similar to a Japanese tea that I can’t help, but think it is one of the Taiwanese-Japanese hybrids or a transplanted Japanese cultivar. Anyways, I did prepare this both with water and milk; honestly this could easily be a higher end Japanese powdered Sencha or a matcha in the $10-15 range. Regardless this was a very good powdered green tea, I was surprised at how finely ground this is and this is prone to slight clumping, but nowhere as bad most Chinese powdered green teas. It didn’t froth up as much I would like when I made it with milk and when I made it with water, but I can ignore that. Definitely worth checking out.  


Just a guy who likes tea.

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