Midweek Matcha! - Teavivre’s Organic Green tea Powder

So I decided to continue Midweek Matcha, even though I have yet to sample a proper Matcha for this blog, with Teavivre’s Organic Green Tea Powder. When brewed with water, this green tea powder has rather nice seaweed taste, while not as complex as a Japanese Matcha it compares quite well to a similarly priced powdered Japanese Sencha. But where this powdered tea really shines is when it is prepared with milk, it becomes more sweet then bitter and has a nice rich grassy taste. I was surprised by the richness of it. Overall a very good powdered green tea. I’ve reordered this three times already and it is my everyday powdered green tea. The price is pretty good for the quality, if this was a Japanese powdered Sencha I think it would be selling for about twice the current price. 


Just a guy who likes tea.

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