White2Tea - 2006 Little Gold Melon & Old Bear

(Tea Provided for Review)
So I decided to compare the two puerhs from White2Tea to each other. I really liked one and the other was way too dark for me to enjoy although it had a lot of nice individual elements. 

Tea: 2006 Little Gold Melon Shu

Dry Leaves: It took me a while to break a chunk off this little tuocha; I started off trying to break a fourth of it off, but I ended up sawing it with my puerh knife. The tuocha didn’t have a strong smell, but it smelled a little smokey.

Temperature: Boiling (Subsequent infusions at 190oF)
Brewing Time: Fifteen seconds ( + five seconds for each subsequent infusion)
Aroma: Slightly Fishy
Flavor: Sweetly Smoky, Earth, Woodsy and Licorice
Tasting Notes: I started with two thirty second rinses, since the item listing recommends a long rinse. Immediately I knew this was way too dark for me, but I soldiered on. I was surprised by the licorice taste I could distinguish in later infusions, although this doesn’t have a lot of staying power, I got eight infusions out of it. I was kind of surprised by the aroma, while it wasn’t fishy enough to be off putting, there was a slight smell, although this might have been caused by the thin wrapper.

I probably wouldn't buy it again, I am not really fond of Shou Puerh, but I was surprised at how creamy it was. Maybe if I used half as much tea or brewed at a lower temperature I would consider buying this, but for $1.99 for a 20g mini tuocha, it isn’t a bad deal. I just happen to like teas on the greener side.

Tea: 2006 Old Bear Fangcha

Dry Leaves: I got a big ol' chunk that I am starting a religion around. 

Temperature: Boiling (Subsequent infusions at 190oF)
Brewing Time: Fifteen seconds ( + five seconds for each subsequent infusion)
Aroma: Smoky
Flavor: Smoky, Malty, Toast, Tobacco and Damp Earth
Tasting Notes: I loved it. It has a nice staying power, according to my notes I got twenty-three infusions out it before I stopped taking notes. This is a tea that you shouldn’t drink if you have things to do, it just has so much to give. I didn’t finish this tea I had stuff to do and frankly it just lasts way to long for me. I have a little left over I might experiment brewing with for longer times. The Smoky tastes starts to disappear after the fifth infusion, but besides that it stays pretty constant. I didn’t notice the taste starting to thin out, which is ridiculous, generally I like to see teas change in later infusions, but I doubt I’d be able to distinguish the sixth infusion from the twentieth.

Definitely worth buying! $18 for 100g is nothing. I haven’t tried the other teas that TwoDog sent me yet, but I have a feeling this might be the one to beat. The bar is set pretty high with this Old Bear, while my only criticism of it is you might get bored since the tea doesn’t get better the more you drink. I am curious if this tea will age well, I generally like young Sheng Puerh, but I wonder if this is type of puerh you want to buy and forget about or the kind you drink immediately.


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